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This page is incomplete. I'll get to it. I promise!
My Wife keeps bugging me to complete this page. I prefer to write more about my experiences and adventures in Northern Thailand. I really will get to it. I mean, I've got rocket festivals, Hot springs, dining courts, country living and quite a few other more interesting things to write about.
For now; we've lived together in Chiang Mai for over seven years. She; Thai, graduate of Chiang Mai university Isaan born and has lived in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. She has worked for the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a copy writer (yep, she may responsible for some of that indecipherable English on one of the brochures), the Ministry of Foreign affairs and now works for some scientific research facility in Chiang Mai. She has been a Chiang Mai resident for well over 20 years by now and a northern Thailand resident for well over 35.
He; (that would be me!) Moved to Thailand in 2001 from the San Francisco Bay Area. I've worked as a Fire fighter for the forestry dept, a mill wright in a steel mill, metal fabricator, heavy equipment mechanic, boatwright, general all 'round handyman in boat yards, and some kind of computer geek. I currently get by by developing websites for different design houses. I occasionally write an article for a magazine but most folks want "Up Beat" and "positive" articles. While I have no problem with being upbeat or positive, I do prefer to be honest.